7 June 2012

NYWM: Day Seven

Well here we are, one week in to National Young Writers’ Month. How is your goal shaping up? Have you been filled with early enthusiasm, or were you distracted by the general pace of life and have left that writing goal lingering on the shelf? Today we’re focusing on ways to keep up motivation after an early burst of energy wears off.

As this fantastic post over at the Meanjin blog discusses (it’s an oldie but a goodie), most of us are balancing writing with day jobs. So how do you keep writing? What’s the best job to do to keep dollars rolling in but not hold your creative flow back? Make sure you read the comments on this one as authors such as John Birmingham and Nick Earls weigh in with some great advice. In this recent post over at the Australian Writers Marketplace blog, author LA Larkin is quoted as saying “If you don’t love what you’re writing, then it’s very hard to keep focused and to keep writing.” Theodora Goss says the problem isn’t finding time, it’s finding energy. Booklife Now has a post on revitalising creativity that offers some practical advice.

If you’re based in South Australia you don’t want to miss out on the Carclew Youth Arts Scholarships, which include a creative writing scholarship for $12,500. An information session for those intending to apply is happening tonight and bookings are essential.

Today is the final day for applications to NSW Litlink Varuna Fellowships and Byron Bay Writers’ Festival Litlink/Varuna Unpublished Manuscript Award. If you’re a writer from regional NSW these are well worth applying for, see the website.

Submissions to Sleepers Almanac are now open. This is a fantastic opportunity for new and emerging writers to have their work published as Sleepers are particularly on the lookout for new authors. You have until August 12 to submit. Check the website for more details.

Submissions are now open for Ampersand Magazine on the theme of Love. You’ve got until June 14 to submit non fiction, fiction, poetry and art. Check the website for more details.

Today the NYWM Travelling Story is in the Australian Capital Territory. Our daily writer is Liam Campbell, 13, from Cook.