8 June 2012

NYWM: Day Eight

Are you doing an arts or communication degree? If so, you’ve probably been subjected to questions about what an arts degree qualifies you for. Read this brilliant article on Kill Your Darlings from last month which addresses why an arts degree is vital for your employment prospects.

Only two weeks to submit your work of creative genius to Offset, the Victoria University creative journal (submissions close June 22). For more information email offset.submissions@students.vu.edu.au. Same goes for RMIT’s student journal Visible Ink who also close submissions on June 22. More details on their website.

Underway in Queensland is the Townsville Literary Festival. Check out the full program and make your way to an event before the show ends this weekend. Tomorrow looks to be jam packed with authors such as Matthew Condon, Samuel Wagan Watson, James Moloney and Christine Bongers conducting professional talks and workshops for writers from 9am-3pm. Carla Hutchinson-Reade, founding director of Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre
Inc (TWPC) will also be on hand to read your work and provide personalised feedback for the 10 Page in 10 Minutes event. Please contact carla@twpc.org for more details and see the program for details.

Poets, the Newcastle Poetry Prize closes today. Don’t forget to get your entry in (details on the website)

Today the NYWM Travelling Story is in New South Wales. Our daily writer is Finn O’Branagain, 24, from Marrickville.