29 June 2014

NYWM: Day 29

It’s two days before the end of June, and the end of National Young Writers Month!

Today’s post is for all the worry warts out there, especially to those worrying that won’t be able to meet their NYWM deadlines.

You have to bear in mind that goals are a motivational technique in itself – if you’re not motivated, then you won’t be able to achieve the best our of your goal. So consider taking a step back, and looking at all of your achievements thus far and appreciating them for what they are. Focus on the positive – look back on the obstacles you did achieve rather than the ones you didn’t.

And just because NYWM is almost finished does not mean your writing goal has to end there. Extend it for as long as you want, just bear in mind that the longer you extend it the longer it will take to complete it.

If not, consider making a completely new goal. So you haven’t achieved your NYWM goal – learn from it and improve on your shortcomings with the next goal. But also think about why you weren’t able to accomplish the NYWM goal. Was it too much to begin with? Were you too distracted? Did you procrastinate? If you felt it was too unrealistic for you to achieve, consider making the new goal shorter and realistic enough that it works with your external commitments and schedules.

Only one more day left to go! *pulls out the kleenex tissues for tomorrow*

Opportunities and events

Urban List, one of Australia’s largest online publications specialising in food, fashion and lifestyle, are currently seeking a Communications Executive to join their team. Duties range from marketing, to writing and editing articles, as well as being in charge of social media. Interested? Check out the listing here.

If you’re a tenager looking to get more out of the creative writing field, consider attending a creative writing boot camp for teens, hosted by the SA Writers Centre. Here you will learn how to produce ideas and give them fruition, as well as receive mentoring from some of Australia’s finest writers. More details here.

Do you have a blog? Want to take it to the next level? Then you’re in luck because NSW Writers Centre will be holding their ‘Powering your blog’ workshop on July 8. RSVP to the event here.