25 June 2014

NYWM: Day 25

National Young Writers Month is almost finished!

Today we thought it might a good idea to touch base with how your NYWM goals are progressing.

Look back on how June has been for you – have you achieved a lot? have you achieved nothing? How far did you get into your written pieces?

Now if you haven’t achieved a lot in terms of your writing progress, then fret not. Your NYWM goals is simply something to help you get started. If you feel you need more time to complete your goals, then perhaps think about extending it for another month or so (don’t extend it too long or it will ever be achieved!)

If you still require some more assistance and tips about writing, then check out this post by acclaimed writer Lian Tanner – it’s bound to give you inspiration should you need any! In addition to that, also take a look at this article entitled ‘4 Worst Pieces of Advice For Young Writers’ published in Mic Magazine. This will definitely get you thinking, especially if you’ve been given so much advice about writing you don’t know which advice to follow.

Want to learn more writing secrets? This article discusses the secret tips that acclaimed writers use to bring out their inner writing muse.

Opportunities and events

State Library of Victoria currently has a one year exhibition called ‘Mirror of the world: books and ideas’, where you can view their extensive collection of historically significant books. This is an excellent way to see how far writing has come in society, and who knows, it may even inspire your NYWM goals!

Hessian Magazine, a new independent publication, are currently on the lookout for an editorial assistant to join their team. Availabilities should be either Thursday or Friday and tasks including writing, editing and marketing. More details here.

WA Writers Centre have opened their applications for the Fiona McIntosh Masterclass Scholarship 2015 for experienced emerging writers. More details here.

“The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe