14 June 2014

NYWM: Day 14

Should interns be paid?

That is an age old question when it comes to internships, considering that 99% of them are practically unpaid and free labour. We know that internships are important because they help you develop your skills and establish industry contacts, but considering that the tasks you do are similar to that of a real job, being paid would be a nice reward.

There are actually many discussions about this. This article from Artshub published in 2012 provides excellent insight into the Australian job industry and interning. To add to this, Forbes Magazine recently published an article entitled ‘Employers Should Pay Their Interns. Here’s Why’.

At the other end of the spectrum, have a read of this heartbreaking article about an ex-intern at Vogue who was severely mistreated during her time there. Her horrible treatment along with the fact that she was unpaid for all the tasks she did really does the raise the question about paying interns. We’ve all had jobs we don’t necessarily enjoy, but at least we got paid doing it.

Also, take a look at this analysis by Gawker. It discusses who pays when the work is free, and its a brilliant and insightful piece.

If you’re interested in joining these discussions, we recommend you take a look at Graduate Fog and Intern Aware. They are specifically lending a voice to all the interns out there and fighting the unpaid battle.

Keen for more information? Then have a read of these articles by The Guardian and The Telegraph

Opportunities and events

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If you happen to be a student at Monash University, then Esperanto Magazine are seeking submissions for their next issue, The Creatives Edition. For inspiration, click here – submissions close at the end of the July holidays!

For all the Northern Territory peeps, NT Writers Centre will be hosting their monthly Wild Words, a literary open mic gig for all those readers and writers out there looking for space to vent their latest musings or punters just looking to have a laugh, have a cry, be inspired or see something new. Event details arehere.

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