Voiceworks is now open for submissions to issue 115, Goth!

The Romans defeated us but we were reborn: in cathedrals and Romantic poetry, in Bauhaus and Lestat, in teenagers heavy with black lipstick and eyeliner. If you made potions in the sandpit, grated acorns against concrete, pried itchybombs for their fluff, you may be one of us. Emos are welcome, Emotions are welcome, Emojis are […]

Frankenletter with Digital Writers’ Festival

In partnership with the Digital Writers’ Festival, Voiceworks brings you an exclusive Tinyletter for one week only! To celebrate the launch of Voiceworks’ new online platform, as well as the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s seminal Gothic horror tale Frankenstein, we explore the hybrid and monstrous nature of digital media. Each day during the Digital […]

Video Killed The Radio Star with Digital Writers’ Festival

Digital Writers’ Festival asked of the incredible young artists who have spent the past few months developing videos as part of the SIGNAL Screen Commissions program to give their trust to collaborators across Australia. Through Express Media, storytellers from across the continent have created stories in response to the video works. With Patrick Kain, Eleanor Rieniets, Veronica D. Charmont, Zowie […]

Voiceworks 113 Flare & online submissions now open

Voiceworks is a national literary journal, featuring new fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art and comics by Australians under the age of 25. Voiceworks is produced entirely by people yet to hit the quarter-century mark and relies on contributions from readers to make up its content. Each selected piece goes through a collaborative editing process, and individualised feedback is […]

Submissions open for longform fiction!

The Voiceworks crew have heard that some of you are writing longer stories—investigating characters, narratives and environments further than our 3,000-word limit allows—but are not quite sure what to do with them. Sure, there are prizes, but outside of this there are very few avenues for publication, especially for young writers. We want to see what’s […]