3 June 2012

7th Annual Sydney Youth Writing Competition for Primary School Students

Enter your story, poem, play, script or free choice and you could win great prizes such as short courses at NIDA and The Writing Workshop, ATYP, books from Scholastic and Cambridge University Press, book vouchers from Ariel Books, kites from Kite Magic, and more.

This year the signature words are key, face and cloud. Your entry must include at least one of the signature words but does not have to be about these words. You can use the words in any way. For example they can be used as a noun (singular or plural), an adjective or a verb (in any tense).

Teachers can win prizes too for inspiring their students and for all their hard work in getting entries in on time. Prizes include tickets to Opera Australia, Griffin Theatre, Riverside Parramatta, and more.


Two age groups: Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6

Short story: 750 words maximum

Poem: 25 lines maximum

Play/Script: two A4 pages maximum

Free choice: one A4 page maximum

Free choice can include a newspaper article, short comic piece, letters, diary entries, advertisements, etc. No pictures.

Closing date: Tuesday 19 June 2012. Finalists will be announced on the website on 1 November 2012. Awards night and venue to be confirmed.