4 December 2015

2015 Express Media Awards Winners



Last night we celebrated 30 years of Express Media and 30 years of young writers achievements at the 2015 Express Media Awards!

The awards marked the launch of Issue #102 of Voiceworks, Defiance, the launch of the 2015 Signal Express Zine, Derailed, and the appointment of some great awards to some incredible young writers.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and everyone that’s worked with Express Media this year— you’re all winners!

However, without further ado, here’s the writers that really knocked our socks off in 2015:


The 2015 Scribe Nonfiction Prize:

Winner: Patrick Mullins for A Liberal View

Highly Commended: Zoya Patel for Match Fixing Arranged Marriages in Australia

Highly Commended: Drew Rooke for Machine Highs

The winners of the 2015 John Marsden / Hachette Prize for Young Writers:

Over 18 Creative Writing: Madeleine Streater for The Be All And End All

Under 18 Creative Writing: Zhi Wei Wang for What Happens to a Family

Over 18 Poetry: Phoebe Chen for The Motions

Under 18 Poetry: Zoe McDonald for Dead Birds and Egg-Yolk Ambitions


Outstanding Achievement by a Young Person in the Literary Arts:

Ellen Van Neerven and Chloe Higgins


Best Piece Published in The Signal Express:

The Young Adult Genre – As Seen from Part of its Target Audience by Andrea Sidler


Best Piece Published in The Under Age:

What are today’s young athletes up against? by Emma Ferris


Best Piece Published in Buzzcuts:

Crap Music Rave Party by Kate Prendergast


Best Fiction Piece Published in Voiceworks:

Survivor by Paul Dalla Rosa and Weird Dog Friend Goes to the Moon by Mira Schlosberg


Best Nonfiction Piece Published in Voiceworks:

Hard Working and Totally Screwed by Royce Kurmelovs


Best Poem Published in Voiceworks:

Lines Before Falling Asleep by Dominic Symes


Best Comic Published in Voiceworks:

Nothing Fills That Space by Madeleine Karutz


Best Visual Art Contribution Published in Voiceworks:

The Skies by Veronica Tran