9 December 2014

2014 Express Media Awards

Congratulations to all of the Award Winners for 2014!

The 2014 Express Media Award Winners


Best Review in Express Media publication

Matthew Sims ‘The Pillow Man’ (Buzzcuts Melbourne Fringe)

Best news article/interview in Express Media publication
Dylan Bruce ‘Happy Hounds and Humans at Casterton Kelpie Muster’ (The Under Age)
Olivia Hurley ‘Our Misguided and Problematic Concepts of Gender’ (The Signal Express)

Best Visual Art in Express Media publication
Erika Williams ‘Heart Strings’ (Voiceworks #98 MASTER)
Cameron Baker ‘Plastic Cup’ (Voiceworks #99 PLASTIC)

Best Comic in Express Media publication
Lucy Adams and Mari Adams ‘Feeder’ (Voiceworks #98 MASTER)

Best poem in Express Media publication
Emmie Rae ‘I am my own person, standing on the concrete by a family of fallen plants’ (Voiceworks #96 PERSPECTIVE)

Best Fiction in Express Media publication
Elizabeth Kuiper ‘Snow in Africa’ (Voiceworks #97 HABIT)
Jessica Yu ‘Keh Kut’ (Dialect)

Best Non-Fiction in Express Media publication
Sam Robertson ‘Impmobai is Nothing’ (Voiceworks #97 HABIT)

Best New Project by a young person or young people in each state:

Sydney Story Factory for The Home Project

South Australia
Comics With Friends and Strangers

Northern Territory
Red Dirt Poetry Festival

Western Australia
Phill English ‘Seizure Round-Up

Madeleine Dore ‘Extraordinary Routines


SCUM ‘2 a.m. Project’


Most Innovative New Project or Work by a young person or young persons in 2014

Duncan Felton and Finbah Neill for ‘The Grapple Annual’

Outstanding Achievement by a Young Writer or Editor (Under 30) in 2014
Steph Walker

Outstanding contribution by Express Media volunteer
Sarah Dunstan (WA)

Ongoing Contribution to Express Media
Joe Toohey


The Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers
The winner of the 2014 Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers is Robbie Arnott for ‘Birds and Knives and Not Talking About It’.

Photo: Alan Weedon (alnwdn.com)


The John Marsden/Hachette Australia Prize

In 2014 The John Marsden/Hachette Prize attracted 475 entries from writers under 25 across Australia. Judged by John Marsden and the staff of Hachette Australia, the winning entries are:

Short Story
Winner aged 18-24: Laura Elizabeth Woollett ‘Soybeans’
Winner aged under 18: Sky Moore ‘The Moon’

Winner aged 18-24: Jeremy Teow ‘On the Immobility of the Orogenic’
Winner aged under 18: Eunice Andrada ‘Nightfall Reprise’

The winners of the John Marsden/Hachette Prize can be read in Voiceworks #99 ‘Plastic’


Photo: Alan Weedon (alnwdn.com)

All of the winning publication entries feature in our free Best of Express 2014 ebook which will be released in early 2015.

Well done to all the winners and thank you to everyone who attended. See you again in 2015!

The 2014 Express Media Awards are presented with the support of our award sponsors Scribe Publications, Hachette Australia and our Patron John Marsden.