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Educators with an organisational membership to Express Media have full access to our teaching resources and receive a quarterly edition of Voiceworks, the national youth literary journal.

The following resources have been created to accompany one piece from each issue of the Voiceworks publication. The activities outlined in the resources have been developed in close accordance with the Australian Curriculum and its content descriptors for year 10 level English (AC codes) and general capabilities, and the stories have been chosen to both interest and challenge year 10 students. However, they can be adapted to address the needs and capabilities of any secondary school level. Also included is ‘Five Minutes with the Writer’, which is a Q&A with the writer of the featured piece.


Lessons Plans

Lesson plans analyse poetry , short stories and non-fiction pieces by writers under 25, so that the content is relatable, challenging and motivating for students.


In-class Activities

Submitting to Voiceworks

Educators can work with students to create written or visual work that not only addresses objectives in the classroom, but can also be submitted for publication in Voiceworks.

Submitting a piece to Voiceworks allows all students to receive professional feedback from the Editorial Committee, and highlights the connection between classroom learning and broader opportunities for young people in writing, editing and media.

Submission open each quarter – visit for details.

Students can also apply to join the Voiceworks Editorial Committee. Under the guidance of our Voiceworks Editor, our ‘EdComm-ers’ meet weekly in Melbourne CBD to select pieces for the magazine and craft feedback on all submissions.

“When I started out as a writer, Voiceworks was the first magazine that gave me robust and professional editorial feedback through the Editorial Committee – a vital facility that continues to this day and is still utterly rare in the world of publishing.” – Benjamin Law, author and former Voiceworks contributor


The John Marsden/Hachette Australia Prize

The John Marsden/Hachette Australia Prize is Express Media’s biggest award for young writers of fiction and poetry.

The prize calls for poems and pieces of short fiction under 3,000 words.

Submissions can consist of one-off works or pieces written for curriculum assessment. Alternatively, exercises outlined in the Express Media lesson plans can be used as a springboard for writing an original submission.

The awards is judged by author and Express Media patron, John Marsden. First place winners share in a cash prize and are published in Express Media’s flagship publication, Voiceworks.

Submissions open each June.

“We have seen young writers from all around Australia emerge from their garrets, cellars and caves for this award. The results are stunning, with many exciting new authors achieving recognition on a national stage for the first time.” – John Marsden, Express Media patron.

For more information, contact Express Media at




Microfiction: ‘Warm Vest’ by Nupi Jaiswal

Bitter turmeric, garlic oil, almonds and the ‘Warm Vest’; in this short, evocative work Nupi Jaiswal offers a snapshot of growing up in Australia that is at once entirely relatable and a little unfamiliar.

Dialect -Teachers Resource

Check out the resource HERE and find out more information about Dialect now.


Issue #99 of Voiceworks.

Fiction: ‘Call a Ceasefire’ by Tee Indawongse

‘Call a Ceasefire’ evokes the sense of immutable loneliness, silence and tiredness of surviving in a war-ravaged city. She grapples with her own “unbinding” and the unbinding of those closest to her, giving us a glimpse into a captivating world of dystopian illness.

voiceworks teacher resource #99


Check out the resource HERE


Issue #98 of Voiceworks.

Non-fiction: ‘Talking to Strangers’, by Miles McGuire

In his piece, Myles McGuire reflects on his past experience as the witness of a plane crash. He grapples with the realities of the psychological impact of this event, as well as the nature of tragedy itself, in a way that is much more raw than we often see in the media.


Check out the resource HERE


Issue #97 of Voiceworks.

Fiction: ‘Oliver has an interview’, by Mark Yeow

Mark Yeow’s piece draws on the themes of personal identity, the relationship between humans and animals, and the working world; telling the captivating and fantastical story of a human/hawk making his way to a job interview.

voiceworks_teacherresource97_color_A4_web (1)-page-0

Check out the resource HERE


Issue #96 of Voiceworks.

Fiction: ‘Oh, so suddenly, our daughter is of the scaly ones’, by Peter Dawncy

This is a quirky tale about physical and emotional transformation, its resulting alienation, and an eventual liberation. It encapsulates a variety of different emotional stages, which reflect the often confusing experience of uncovering your personal identity.


Check out the resource HERE


Issue #95 of Voiceworks.

Fiction: ‘Tiny Sharks’, by Joshua Barnes

Joshua Barnes’ creation captures the transitional phase from childhood to adulthood by developing a protagonist that is paradoxically, both a child and an adult.


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Issue #94 of Voiceworks.

Non-fiction: ‘Skin’, by Phoebe Paterson De Heer

This non-fiction piece is a very personal and moving account of the protagonist’s challenging relationships, and struggle towards self-discovery and self-respect.


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