Our Mission


Young Australian writers and editors are celebrated and supported, and more young people are encouraged to share their stories across a range of platforms. They have access to a variety of professional development programs and publishing opportunities and their excellence is recognised.


Express Media provides opportunities and development for young writers and editors between 12 and 30 years of age. We do this by:

  • supporting young writers and editors from a variety of experiences and backgrounds to produce and present their work and engage in the broader literary community
  • producing a vibrant and innovative national program promoting cultural inclusion, access and participation
  • prioritising a broad spectrum of craft and skills development, nurturing talent and recognising excellence
  • raising awareness of, increasing support for, and building an audience for the work and contribution of young Australian writers through publication, promotion, and advocacy
  • cultivating, enhancing, improving and diversifying the literary and broader arts sector in Australia by building partnerships, supporting professional pathways and fostering careers
  • working from a platform of organisational and financial sustainability


  • Equality of opportunity and access
  • Artistic development, innovation and recognition of excellence
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Community contribution
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability

GOALS 2020-2024

  • Express Media’s programs and opportunities have a significant national reach
  • Express Media is a leader and innovator in developing, supporting, publishing, promoting and recognising young Australian writers and editors
  • Express Media actively breaks down barriers to access and inclusion in the literary arts
  • Express Media has a strong public profile and advocates the benefits of the literary arts
  • Express Media is an effective and sustainable organisation with a robust financial and managerial platform

Commitment to Child Safety

Express Media welcomes and values the participation of young writers in all areas of our work, and aims to make sure they have full and safe access to our program, organisation and venues. We aim to make our programs and opportunities as accessible, inclusive and safe as possible. 

We take a zero tolerance approach to child abuse, neglect, bullying and discrimination. Express Media respects, embraces and supports the diversity of children. We acknowledge that some children may experience additional barriers to participation and/or require special consideration in terms of cultural, access or safety concerns. As such, we will recognise the potential for particular access or support requirements in the areas of: 

a) the cultural safety of Aboriginal children; 

b) the cultural safety of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and 

c) the safety of children with disability. 

We recognise the intersectionality of these groups and acknowledge that some writers within our community may identify as being part of more than one of the above areas.