The Signal Express

The Signal Express was an online arts and culture magazine produced entirely by high school students, in a partnership between Signal Arts Studio and Express Media from 2011 – 2015.

The Signal Express website featured arts, entertainment and cultural journalism, and regularly published reviews, previews, features and opinions aimed at a youth audience. The team of up to 15 writers met monthly after school at Signal Arts Studios in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct. The Signal Express gave high school students the opportunity to work alongside professional writers and artists in a collaborative way. Enthusiastic young writers were encouraged to explore ideas and themes close to their hearts, covering music, culture, art and entertainment across multiple mediums.

Program coordinators Alexandra Neil (2015), Courtney Hocking (2014), Melanie Sheridan (2012) and John Bailey (2011 – 2012) facilitated the workshops at Signal Arts Studios in Northbank, while guest artists and speakers included Brodie Lancaster, Elizabeth Flux, Jessica Yu, Adolfo Aranjuez, Jake Lawrence, Rebecca Harkins-Cross and many more across its 5 year history.