Provocations & Postcards from the Future as part of Future Echoes

Look out over the horizon, fast forward your watch, is the apocalypse closer than you think? Join Express Media at The Ian & Primrose Potter Foyer for an immersive, stirring and playful hour as young writers propel us forward in time and share their visions for the future.

Each day, one emerging arts leader will deliver a provocation – a creative, critical and poetic response to an imagined tomorrow.

Following this, four young artists will respond by sharing short postcards from their travels to the future.

This event series is presented in collaboration with Arts Centre Melbourne as part of Future Echoes, Arts Centre Melbourne’s new annual festival of performance made by and with young artists.

Accessibility: Auslan Interpreter, Wheelchair access, Assisted hearing

The event is free but bookings are essential via the Arts Centre Melbourne website.


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Wednesday 23rd October  15:00-16:00
The Ian & Primrose Potter Foyer
Indigenous Futurism
Provocation: Rosie Kalina
Postcards: Laniyuk & Hannah Morphy-Walsh
Visual Postcards: Laura La Rosa & Charlotte Allingham

Thursday 24th October 15:00-16:00
The Ian & Primrose Potter Foyer
Beyond Access
Provocation: Disabled QBIPOC collective: Pauline Vetuna, Hannah Morphy-Walsh, CB Mako & Gemma Mahadeo
Postcards: Ana Maria Gomides, Brianna Bullen & Ahmed Yussuf
Visual Postcard: urbigfrog

Friday 25th October 15:00-16:00
The Ian & Primrose Potter Foyer
Transcending Gender
Provocation: Quinn Eades
Postcards: Darlene Silva Soberano, Daniel Ward & Heather Joan Day
Visual Postcard: Mira Schlosberg

Saturday 26th October 15:00-16:00
The Ian & Primrose Potter Foyer
Young People As Agents of Change
Provocation: Nayuka Gorrie
Postcards: Inez Trambas, Asiel Adan Sanchez, Saanjana Kapoor
Visual Postcard: Shae San Sim


The words Indigenous Futurism in blue on a light red background. Underneath are photos of Rosie Kalina, Laniyuk & Hannah Murphy-Walsh

Rosie Kalina
Rosie Kalina is a visual artist and proud Wemba Wemba and Gunditjmara woman. Rosie specialises in makeup artistry with a large national and international Instagram following as @rosiekalina &; works in fashion, television & film, editorial and live events including ABC TV’s Warriors series, shoots for PUMA, Pandora and was selected as one the Top 10 Instagrammers in 2018 by Huffington Post. Her work includes curating, most recently, Blak to the future at Wominjeka Festival 2018, collaborations in community arts projects, exhibitions & art commissions. Through these platforms Rosie challenges the notion of what it means to be Aboriginal through fierce & beautiful decolonial imagery and by asserting herself as a sovereign woman.

Laniyuk is a writer and performer of poetry and short memoir. She contributed to the book Colouring the Rainbow: Blak, Queer and Trans Perspectives in 2015, has been published online in Djed Press and the Lifted Brow, as well as in poetry collections such as UQP’s 2019 Solid Air. She received Canberra’s Noted Writers Festival’s 2017 Indigenous Writers Residency, Overland’s 2018 Writers Residency and was shortlisted for Overland’s 2018 Nakata-Brophy poetry prize. She is Cordite Poetry Review’s current Indigenous Engagement Editor, runs poetry workshops for festivals such as Girls Write Up, moderates panel discussions, and has given lectures at ANU and The University of Melbourne.  She is currently completing her first collection of work to be published through Magabala Books.

Hannah Morphy-Walsh
Hannah Morphy-Walsh, (Nirae Baluk, of the Hamilton/Walsh line) is a professionally awkward, Deaf/Disabled storyteller.

Laura La Rosa
Laura La Rosa is a proud Darug woman, originally from Western Sydney, now living on Wurundjeri land. She is the founder of creative collective, Woolf Communications, a graphic designer, producer, and columnist. Passionate about grassroots collectivism and storytelling, Laura’s work is focused on fostering disruptive discourse and the elevation of vital voices through various mediums.

Charlotte Allingham
Charlotte Allingham is a 26 year old proud Wiradjuri woman from new south wales, with family ties to Condobolin and surrounding mob. She currently lives in Naarm. Charlotte Specializes in Digital design and illustration. She strives towards a better understanding of her craft, her culture and identity through her artwork, challenging the perception of her people through her own creative expression in a range of themes of modern subcultures, occultism and the First Nation’s futurism.


The words Beyond Access on a light red background. Underneath are photos of all the artists involved on the Beyond Access day

Pauline Vetuna
Pauline Vetuna (Gunantuna – indigenous to Papua New Guinea) is a writer, artist, curator raised and living on Kulin Nation lands. For many years, Pauline has been involved in grassroots, community-based and led arts projects in the western suburbs of ‘Melbourne’; through which she has explored art creation through a variety of mediums. Currently, her community engaged creative practice is focused on creating spaces for disabled BIPOC & disabled queer and trans people to pursue justice, tell their stories, create art – and find healing in solidarity and community.

Hannah Morphy-Walsh
Hannah Morphy-Walsh, (Nirae Baluk, of the Hamilton/Walsh line) is a professionally awkward, Deaf/Disabled storyteller.

CB Mako
CB Mako is a non-fiction, fiction, and fan-fiction writer. Winner of the Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition, shortlisted for the Overland Fair Australia Prize, and longlisted for the inaugural Liminal Fiction Prize, cubbie has been published in The Suburban Review, The Lifted Brow, Mascara Literary Review, The Victorian Writer, Peril Magazine, Djed Press, Overland, and Liminal Fiction Prize Anthology (via Brow Books, arriving in 2020).

Gemma Mahadeo
Gemma Mahadeo is a writer and occasional performer who came to Australia in 1987, after living in England and the Philippines. Their work has appeared in numerous Australian print and online journals, and recent festival appearances and conferences include 2019’s Freeplay Independent Games Festival, and the Emerging Writers Festival, and speaking at the launch of the Diversity Arts Australia ‘Shifting the Balance’ report. They are currently poetry editor of Concrete Queers zine, and reviews editor for the Melbourne Spoken Word website. They identify as queer, disabled, and very much in love with cats, tea, beer, books, and music.

Ana Maria Gomides
First and foremost, Ana Maria Gomides is a proud Woman of Colour. She is an Afro-Brasileira goddess, a chronically ill warrior princess, a queer icon, and a low key bruxa, so watch yourself. She was blessed by the ancestors with the gift of storytelling, as well as the perfect booty, but was once described as “dancing like a Brown girl who grew up with no friends.” Moral of the story being, you can’t have it all. 

Brianna Bullen
Brianna Bullen is a Deakin University PhD creative writing candidate writing about memory in science fiction. She has had work published in journals including LiNQ, Aurealis,  Voiceworks, Rabbit, Multiverse: An anthology of international science fiction poetry, and Woolf Pack Zine. She won the 2017 Apollo Bay short story competition and placed second in the 2017 Newcastle Short story competition.​ Her manuscript was previously a finalist in the 2018 Subbed In Poetry Chapbook competition. In 2018, she was part of Nexus, an Arts Access Victoria collective for artists with mental health recovery lived experience.​

Ahmed Yussuf
Ahmed Yussuf is a writer and journalist. He co-edited Growing Up African in Australia, the first non-fiction anthology of African-diaspora stories in Australia. His work has featured in Acclaim Magazine, The Guardian, TRT World and Jalada Africa. 

urbigfrog is an illustrator and multimedia artist who creates plush-work toys, clay sculptures, zines, comics and illustrations. Their comics and illustrations explore experiences of the body as queer and trans people of colour, recovery from trauma and life in the diaspora. Their mixed-media plush works and illustrations aim to challenge contemporary ideas about community access and education in marginalised communities. They incorporate sculpture into illustration to invoke textural and spatial experiences of community, extending their visual storytelling into the sensory realm. Their artworks have twice featured on the cover of Voiceworks Magazine and their comics and illustrations have appeared in Pencilled in Magazine, Liminal magazine, the Comic Sans Anthology and Voiceworks’ print issues.

The words Beyond Access on a light red background. Surrounding it are photos of all the artists from the day

Quinn Eades
Quinn Eades is a writer, researcher, editor, gutter philosopher and poet, whose book Rallying was awarded the 2018 Mary Gilmore Award for best first book of poetry. He is the author of all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body, and is currently working on three books: a collaborative photographic/poetic text called QUEERDOM with photographer and partner Jamie James; Going Homo—an autobiography from the transitioning body; and a sole-authored essay collection, Gender is Burning. When he’s not working, Quinn is hanging with his kids, cuddling his pups, watching reruns of Star Trek Discovery, and writing/dreaming utopic decolonial transqueer futures. 

Darlene Silva Soberano
Darlene Silva Soberano is a poet. Their work has appeared in Mascara Literary Review, Australian Poetry, Cordite Poetry Review, Peril Magazine, and Rabbit Journal. They are currently a poetry editor for Voiceworks Magazine.

Daniel Ward
daniel ward is a poet and musician. they explore concepts of, but not exclusive to, motivation, intimacy, memory, sex, domesticity, care and rebellion. they co-curate a podcast of interdisciplinary performance, sound art and spoken word titled line and are currently working on a self-published chapbook. they have previously been published in Voiceworks, Lor Journal, Inhabit Journal and Sick Leave Journal. 

Heather Joan Day
Heather Joan is a comedienne, goth-pop-bop-maker, and former poet. Her work explores queer sexuality, liminal identity, goth aesthetics, and noughties pop culture. She lives with her witch wife and their feline daughters on Wurundjeri land and can be found online. Read her story “Androphobia” in Black Inc’s new anthology, Growing Up Queer in Australia.

Mira Schlosberg
Mira Schlosberg is a writer, comics artist and editor whose work focuses on spirituality, ecology, lesbianism and pop music. She is the editor of Voiceworks magazine and her comic book, Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality, is available through Glom Press.

The words Agents for Change on a light red background, surrounded by images of the artists presenting postcards on the day

Nayuka Gorrie

Inez Trambas
Inez Trambas is a Melbourne based bookworm and the founder of Negro Speaks of Books, an online platform created to host conversations about Black literature.

Asiel Adan Sanchez
Asiel Adan Sanchez is an organic, gluten-free, vegan, single origin, ethically sourced gender fluid. They may be found in late-night hospital shifts writing lines of poetry in between melancholic insulin orders. Born and raised in Mexico, their work is an attempt to reconcile culture, race, gender and sexuality. They spend their free time kissing boys and crying in public.

Saanjana Kapoor
Saanjana Kapoor is currently a Year 12 student at Albert Park College. Though she has always enjoyed creative writing, she began to take her hobby seriously when their poem ‘sun-jugh-na’ (yes it was about her name) was published in Voiceworks. Instead of it being stuffed in her desk drawers, her confessional writing was showcased to the public. The opportunity has spiralled others into her life and now she endeavours to write on any personal experience that has shaped her, including but not limited to their undying love for Taylor Swift. 

Shae San Sim
Shae San Sim is an Illustrator based in Naarm (Melbourne). Her work has been featured in Fems Zine, The Lifted Brow and Voiceworks.


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