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"We all know there would not be a film without a director, producer and on-set crew. And there would certainly not be a play without a backstage team and manager. So why would an art exhibition be any different? It’s not. Just as any production requires the diligence of those invisible but powerful people, so too does the world of visual art." Saskia Davey goes behind the scenes for the Signal 37 summer arts program for The Signal Express.


VWK96-Perspective-Cover-600Voiceworks #96 'Perspective'

The non-fiction of ‘Perspective’ peeks into everything from the under-explored world of bipolar disorder, to the mercurial nature of memories. The fiction moves from unwrapping class and loneliness to denture loving fish. Our visual art and poetry wander through the secret lives of tea bags, to desire felt at the washing line.

'Perspective' is available now to order in PRINT for $10 (plus postage) or as an EBOOK from $4.99. Order your copy here

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Express Media is looking for two young (under 30) volunteer state and territory representatives to engage with the local writing community, councils, schools, universities and other youth organisations to extend Express Media’s national reach and promote our suite of publications and awards, with a view to forge new partnerships.

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