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Who, Me

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Isabelle Laskari

Sep 29, 2011

The Whovians, the Ringers, the Star Wars nerds – a collection of the finest social misfits who have long been regarded as being too obsessive over their respective fandoms have finally been given a voice. Say what you will about them, but there’s one thing you can’t deny – they’re an extremely loyal bunch. And so is Rob Lloyd, self-professed Dr. Who fanatic who conveniently bares a great resemblance to the tenth doctor, David Tennant.

Lloyd’s comedy act incorporates all that is fantastically hilarious about nerd obsessions. The collector’s items, the conventions and the tension between various fandoms are all analysed here as Lloyd puts himself on trial (in his own mind no less) to determine whether his obsession with Dr. Who has caused more grief or joy in his life.

Although the show got off to a rather tedious start, the laughs that followed were well worth the dry opening. One truly exceptional element of the show is that Lloyd provides us with insight into his personal journey as a performer, and not just as a Dr. Who fan. His stories about teaching at Dandenong elicit raucous laughter and are truly funny. Another outstanding element is Lloyd himself, as he performs with infectious enthusiasm and energy throughout the entire show, exemplifying a persona that you simply can’t help but like.

The screen centered behind Lloyd frequently adds another dimension to the comedy, beyond the words of the performance, by projecting photographs of Lloyd engaging in various nerdy activities. There is also great use of music, sound effects, voice-over and audience participation that positions the performance as an all-round experience rather than a simple stand-up comedy routine.

No doubt Dr. Who fans are the ones who will elicit the most out of this performance, but it is well-worth a night out for anyone who has known obsession. Having never watched a Dr. Who episode, I was concerned that my enjoyment of the show would be affected. However, with the exception of a few Dr. related jokes that went over my head, I still laughed along with the rest of the audience and managed to have a nerdy good time.

Lloyd ultimately manages to give gratification to nerds everywhere, looking at obsessions in a broader context, and coming to the realisation that they can in fact benefit us. After all, Lloyd’s own obsession has helped him stage a highly impressive and ridiculously entertaining comedy show.

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